Those limited time Summer Student offers get extended into the Fall

It sure feels like those “limited time offers” are not so limited. Carriers advertise handsets with discounted sale pricing for a certain date and then miraculously continues the for another couple weeks or month after the date expires.

Koodo recently did this with their $50 discounted Student promotion. It was set to expire on September 30th and has now been extended until October 14th. Wind Mobile has come off their latest promo and have continued to offer discounted prices on several devices. Mobilicity has also reduced pricing on some of their devices by stating it’s a “new low price”. Chatr Wireless had a “End of Summer Handset Sale” that has been extended into the fall period until October 31st.

Wireless competition is fierce these days and carriers are doing what they can to bring customers over. It’s almost expected now that these sale prices will continue – and even drop further – until the end of the year… yet again, customers are benefiting. Hopefully the monthly price plans will follow suit.