Rogers Wireless currently testing LTE in Ottawa

At the 2009 Canadian Telecom Summit Nadir Mohamed, Rogers President and CEO, stated that “I think LTE (Long Term Evolution) deployment in Canada again is something that we will look to lead as the evolution, but is not something we are looking for in the short term. I think there is lots of legs, lots of room to grow HSPA. Today I think it’s all about HSPA, not about LTE.”

It’s been just over a year since those words were spoken and today Rogers has announced that they have officially launched a LTE technical trial at Ericsson’s Ottawa Research and Development facility. LTE (4G) can reach speeds of up to 150 Mbps (Megabits per second). To give a comparison, Rogers today has HSPA+ network has the capability of reaching 21.1 Mbps.

Nadir Mohamed said in a release that “LTE is the next generation platform delivering superior mobile speed and functionality similar to what Canadians currently experience at home and at work. This technical trial is significant because it builds on our industry-leading networks and it sets the groundwork for our customers to do even more in the future.”

No word on when LTE will officially go live across the country, but progress is good.

Via: RedBoard