Wi-Fi Guy, Magenta Militia, Love Button… these are ways carriers capture your attention

Carriers are finding unique ways to grab the customers attention (or potential customers). WIND Mobile hit the streets of Toronto this week with the “Wi-Fi Guy” and gave free Wi-Fi to those who passed by (they also gave away free data sticks). Wind has also given free gift wrapping during the holiday season and free hot dogs. Then there is Mobilicity who recently kicked off a couple campaigns that saw their “Magenta Militia” rally outside Rogers head office, Gorillas and a “Street Team” hand out free condoms to those who wanted to “Stop Getting Screwed” by the Big 3. Virgin has also jumped into the game by showing love in a different few ways: Flash Mob, Facebook love button.

The real question is with all these carrier “stunts” are they making an impact on the customer? Are you getting anything back or annoyed by them? (More videos and pics after the break)