“Prequel version” aMail for PlayBook now available for download

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook one of the main missing features is an email client. This is a source of frustration for some users but RIM promised to push out the official email client sometime this Summer. A few weeks ago third party app developer aiFlex developed and submitted an app for the PlayBook called “aMail”. It’s been taking a bit longer that usual to get it approved in the BlackBerry App World so aiFlex has gone ahead and let the app loose. You can download a zip file that has everything you need to get your email on the PlayBook. It’ll be free to try out for the first 24 hours but then if you want to have it permanently it’ll cost you $2.99.

aMail lets you have up to 10 email account and works like you think it would… so you create, send, reply and forward emails.

Get it here from CrackBerry
Via: BBSync