Shaw on wireless launch: “We’ll soon make an announcement, I think, over the next month”

During the 2008 AWS spectrum auction Calgary-based Shaw spent $189 million to purchase 18 licenses in Western Canada and Norther Ontario. Their original goal was to launch wireless late 2010, then was pushed back to early 2011 and eventually put on hold to “focus heavily on the strength of our core business”. Shaw has been MIA on the issue recently, rumours are going around that they will partner with Rogers for a shared LTE network launch.

At the CRTC’s vertical integration hearings in Ottawa yesterday CEO Brad Shaw spoke with reporters and said “We’re in certain conversations, strategically, looking at options. We’re certainly looking at LTE 4G as where technology is going but we’re still in that process… We’ll soon make an announcement, I think, over the next month”. As to seeing them bring another choice in wireless in 2012, Shaw stated that “It all depends on how we get all the pieces together and all our discussions on that”.

Source: Cartt