Fido and Evergreen create the “Share Your Care” campaign, gives $100,000 to the environment

Fido has become Canada’s green wireless carrier. They offer a few devices that are made of recycled products and have several programs that give back to the environment (planting trees, recycling old cellphones etc). Now Fido has extended their relationship with Evergreen and has come up with the “Share Your Care” campaign. In total there are 20 green Canadian projects and each of them will receive a base of $2,500 (totals $50,000), but it gets better as another 50k will be distributed to 3 of the top projects that receive the most votes. Some of the 20 projects include “Promote wildlife education”, “Million Tree Challenge” and “Educate on water resources”.

This program starts today and is on until August 14th… more here at .