Microsoft wants Samsung to pay $15 per Android device they make

After succeeding a few times in reaching license agreements from various Android manufacturers (HTC, Velocity Micro and General Dynamics), Microsoft is now going after Samsung.

Microsoft owns various patents that are in Google’s Android platform and it was reported earlier that they collect $5 from every Android device that HTC makes. Samsung has seen their results skyrocket since adopting Android and have released some of the most successful devices in its history. The Galaxy S family of devices was the first to sell 10 million units worldwide, and recently the Galaxy S II broke records of selling 3 million in just 55 days. Reuters has reported that Microsoft is seeking $15 per Android device that Samsung makes. However, Samsung has apparently responded and says they’ll produce more Windows Phone devices if Microsoft reduces the license fee to $10 per device.

Source: Reuters
Via: Phandroid