EastLink launching a “world-class wireless network” in 2012

During the 2008 Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) auction Halifax-based Bragg Communications paid $25 million and won 19 licences (located in Atlantic Canada, Northern and Southern Ontario and Grand Prairie). Their plan was to eventually expand their EastLink cable business and build out wireless services.

After the auction, Lee Bragg, co-CEO EastLink, stated that “EastLink’s goal throughout the auction was to secure spectrum so we can serve our customers and launch a competitive mobile phone service. We were successful… We will finalize our plans on when the service will be available over the next couple months and hope to be in market within the next year”.

Well, it took a bit longer than expected but the competition will be dramatically increasing out East next year. EastLink has officially announced they’ll launch their wireless service in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, putting the pressure on Rogers, Bell and TELUS and their sub-brands (Virgin, Koodo and Fido).

Jill Laing, EastLink spokesperson, stated that they plan to build a “world-class wireless network… We feel we’ll have a very compelling product at launch… The public has indicated strong support for EastLink providing a competitive choice for wireless services. One of the most compelling benefits of EastLink getting into the wireless business is the competitive choice it will bring to the market…We fully expect it will have the same positive impact on the market as our launch of telephone years ago”. No other details were given about timing, towers, plans or distribution.

It’s also expected that WIND Mobile will be opening up in Atlantic Canada. Past Wind CEO Ken Campbell recently said  that it’s “safe to bet we’ll be there” in 2012.

Source: The Chronicle