Poynt now has over 9 million users, gunning for 10 million by the end of July

Less than a month ago we reported that Calgary-based Poynt had crossed over the 8.3 million user threshold. Poynt is a free location-based app that’s available on the iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry devices (gives you info like restaurant locations, gas prices, movie show times etc). Today the company announced an impressive growth in numbers in just 4 weeks today, now reaching the 9 million user mark. Poynt stated that at the end of June they added over 700,000 new users of which 500,000 were specifically on Android devices. In addition, Poynt says the average number of queries per user is 30, with a total of 74 Million for the month of June. As for July stats to date, Poynt is experiencing and average of 25,000 new daily users which is giving them confidence that they’ll hit the 10 million user mark by the end of the month.

Source: MarketWatch