Chatr officially announces data is coming, plus the Android LG Optimus Phoenix

Rogers discount sub-brand Chatr Wireless has confirmed they will be releasing the LG Optimus Phoenix (LG P505) and will also bring a data add-on to the mix. There’s no official word yet on the cost of the device or what data will cost, but the plan is called “Unlimited Talk & Text Plus Data 100” and gives you 100MB data.

Chatr stated on Facebook that “The Unlimited Talk & Text Plus Data 100 plan and the new LG P505, an Android device, are coming soon to chatr! With 100MB bucket of data usage, chatr customers can stay socially connected by sending emails, downloading music or apps, or keeping in touch with friends and family through instant messaging or social network sites! Stay tuned for more details and availability!”

If the 100MB sounds familiar to you then you’re not alone. Last week we reported that Rogers will be adding a new “Smartphone Lite” category and according Rogers says “Smartphone Lite devices are smartphones that will be available on voice-only plans for maximum device subsidy. These devices are best paired with the $10/100MB data plan”… so this is possibly the rate Chatr customers can expect to pay per month.

Source: Facebook