Rogers upcoming HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D no-term pricing revealed

Rogers recently opened up the option to pre-order the upcoming LG Optimus 3D and the HTC EVO 3D, we’re hearing both of this will be launching before August 15th. The 3-year price points on the pre-order page was $149.99 for the EVO 3D and $99.99 for the Optimus 3D. Standard pricing for 3-year terms, but what about the no-contract pricing? Today on the Rogers site both of these Android devices have popped up and revealed the outright pricing: EVO 3D is $599.99 and the Optimus 3D is $474.99.

Update: Rogers sent us a note stating the the pricing for the HTC EVO 3D was incorrect on their site. The real no-term price is $549.99!

More soon!

Source: Rogers