Update: TELUS says the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Torch 9810 and 9860 are “coming soon”

TELUS has revealed that they will be releasing the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 soon. Both of these touchscreen devices have made it onto their website with the official “coming soon” stamp. No word on price points or a release date but a good addition to their lineup. Only missing now is the Torch 9860.

The Torch 9810 is a step up in specs from the first Torch 9800 that launched last year – this will come with a 3.2-inch display (resolution of 480 x 640), have the familiar slide out QWERTY keyboard, run BlackBerry 7, 5.0 megapixel camera that records 720p HD videos, hold up to 32GB with a microSD card, 1.2Ghz processor with 768 MB RAM, Wi-FI, 1270 mAh battery.

The Bold 9900 has a 2.8-inch touchscreen (resolution of 640 x 480) with QWERTY keyboard, have NFC capabilities, 5 megapixel camera that records HD videos, BlackBerry 7 OS, 1.2Ghz process and Wi-Fi. See full quick overview here from BlackBerry World.

Update: TELUS jsut sent us a note that that they will be adding 3 new devices, the Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 above, plus the Torch 9860. No dates, just that all “will soon be available”.

“TELUS is confirming today that it will carry three new BlackBerry smartphones that will soon be available on Canada’s fastest coast-to-coast 4G network. RIM’s latest touchscreen smartphones, the BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Torch 9810, will help balance work and life with their easy to use, reliable and secure features that BlackBerry fans know and love.”

More here at TELUS
(Thanks Todd!)