Video: Live from the BlackBerry Fan Night in Toronto!

It’s BlackBerry all day and night! Tonight it’s the BlackBerry Fan Night in Toronto and there’s all the new smartphones here: Bold 9900, Torch 9860 & Torch 9810. All the carriers have basically announced these will be “coming soon”: Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin and SaskTel. We’ll see what happens here tonight and if there will be anything spectacular that comes out of it – like free devices. At the very least we’ll have quick video overviews of all the new BlackBerry devices.

Stay tuned for more!

Update: Pictures and videos are all below. The Bold 9900 and 9860 are incredibly thin. The Torch 9810 seems the same size, just lighter and faster. Out of all the three new devices it’s the Bold 9900 that seems to be the one people are most excited for, then the 9860 and last the 9810. All of these are hooked onto Bell.