RBC believes RIM will sell 22 million BlackBerry 7 OS devices during fiscal 2012

There’s something to be said about the slight surge in enthusiasm for RIM’s BlackBerry devices. Leading the charge is clearly the Bold 9900, a QWERTY device with a touchscreen. With all this new found hope it must come down to how many handsets they’ll end up selling. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky believes RIM will push out 22 million BlackBerry 7 OS devices in fiscal 2012.

In a note to his clients this morning Abramsky stated that “While not game-changing (evolutionary UI, design) and reviews expected mixed… BB7 handsets offer competitive processors, touchscreens, some with 4G (HSPA+), and may stimulate an upgrade cycle. For example, the Bold 9900/9930 may be popular with BlackBerry fans… BlackBerry 7 is unlikely to reverse deeply negative investor sentiment over RIM’s future, pending improved visibility to success or failure of pending QNX handsets expected 2012.”

On a side note, Abramsky also stated we can expect RIM to unload the first QNX-based smartphone during Q1 2012. It was revealed earlier this week that a codename of “Colt” is flying around the RIM head office, Abramsky says it’ll look something like a “mini PlayBook” and come with a dual-core processor and a 4-inch touchscreen display.

Sounds promising. You buying/upgrading to OS 7?

Source: Barrons & BGR