Videotron increases by over 45k in Q2, total subscriber base reaches 203,800

Videotron has been on a mission to disrupt the wireless market in Quebec since they launched their 3G, now 4G, network last September. They’ve slowly been making ground and in some cases were the first to offer handsets (Nexus S, LG Optimus 2X) and also various promotions (unlimited/infinite calling and 6GB data which the Big 3 soon followed). Today, parent-company Quebecor announced their Q2 2011 results and declared that Videotron increased their subscriber base by 45,900, thus bringing the total subscriber numbers to 203,800 (133,200 on the 4G network and 70,600 on the old MVNO network). According to the report these numbers are “exceeding targets”.

Source: MarketWire
Via: WFP