Poynt user base hits 9.5 million

Another update on Calgary-base Poynt. We like supporting them as they’re a Canadian company doing incredibly well globally. Poynt might come pre-loaded on your device or you can download the app via the iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. The app helps you find local businesses, restaurants, phone numbers, gas prices and movie showtimes.

Poynt announced their Q2 2011 results and showed at the end of June they officially hit the 8.5 million user mark (something we reported on last month) and “revenues increased 167% to a record $573,399 from $214,734 in the same quarter a year ago. The improvement was primarily due to the continued increase in Poynt user adoption”. On a daily basis Poynt is seeing an average of 23,880 new users per day (an increase of 190% over last year) and the total number of searches reached 74 million in June.

Tucked away in the small print in their quarterly statement reads “As of August 23, 2011, the total unique user base had increased to 9.5 million”.

Source: MarketWire