Videotron to release a data sharing plan between Home Internet, Smartphones and Internet Sticks

Data sharing between devices is not new in Canada, it’s been around for a bit but the service is somewhat limited and comes at a high price. Carrier data sharing plans give users the ability to share a certain amount of data from their monthly smartphone voice and data plan with a tablet. What if there was another way to share data?

Quebec-based Videotron offers home internet, mobile phones with data and internet sticks. We’ve been informed that Videotron is planning to launch one massive data block. We’re not sure what it will be called, nor how it’ll show up on the monthly bill, but here’s what we know so far: in the coming months Videotron will allow their customers to combine their data between all 3 services – the ultimate internet bundle. So let’s say there’s a 50GB plan, this will allow the user to pay one monthly price and use data on their smartphone, home internet and internet stick, basically giving them the security of not going over their monthly limit while their “on the go”.

This will cause even more competition in Quebec and most likely will force all the carriers to follow. When Videotron launched their 3G, now 4G, network they also came out with an Infinite plan that ended the talk time restrictions that were previously in the province. Other carriers like Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Virgin and Koodo followed with their own “Unlimited Quebec” offering.

We’ll have more info soon.
(Thanks tipster!)