More pics surface of a unreleased and confused BlackBerry Bold 9980 – Updated with Video

Sketchy and blurry pictures surfaced online a couple weeks back to an unreleased BlackBerry, it looks a bit odd compared to all the other BlackBerry smartphones that RIM has produced. Now, incredibly clear images have popped up online that show the Bold 9980 in all its glory. It’s not only that the phone looks so obscure or that the QWERTY keyboard is so dramatically different in style that say the new Bold 9900, but the perplexing “PROCEEDING” that’s etched on the top is just weird. There’s a full round of pics after the break that give a good overall look at this handset, the back actually looks nice. What do you think of it? Real/fake, like/dislike?

Source: MaxPDA
Via: CrackBerry, Video