Windows Phone Mango coming ‘in the next week or two’

It’s official! Unlike the iPhone 5 rumour(s), Windows Phone Mango has been real for a very long time now, reaching Release Candidate status over a month ago. While current owners play the waiting game, we have been assured time and time again that it was coming soon. First it was September 15th, but that was debunked when the day came and went without ceremony.

On the Windows Phone Blog, Eric Hautala, General Manager of Customer Experience Engineering has written a post to say that the release will be coming “in the next week or two.” While no definitive date is given, it’s expected that carriers will initiate the update before the end of September. The download will happen over the Zune software for either Windows or Mac to ensure a reliable upgrade process.

Eric also goes on to caution users on downloading bootleg or non device-specific versions of Mango, which may lead to problems down the line.

Telus has already updated their support information for the LG Optimus 7 in preparation for its big day, and we’re sure that the other carriers are doing the same for their devices.

We’ll have more soon!

Source: Windows Team Blog