TTC says they expect to award subway cellphone service contract in December

Brad Ross, TTC Director of Corporate Communications, has followed through on his promise to give Torontonians a status update on subway cellphone service. Ross stated back in August that “The TTC is in the midst of a procurement process for cell coverage in the subway. We’re hopeful that we can share some news later this fall, providing a more definitive timeline then”. Here’s where it’s at. Apparently the contract is narrowed down to 3 players: Bell Mobility, Chicago-based Extenet Systems who’ll partner with Telus and Broadcast Australia Limited who will work with Rogers. The TTC is expecting to make their final decision and award the deal to the successful carrier this December. The downside is that there’s no indication of when the build-out will begin, nor the estimated completion date. In addition, reception will only be available on the station platforms, not within the tunnels.

Progress is good. December will bring more insight and hopefully a start date.

Source: TheStar