Rogers makes it easier for business customers to securely use Android and Apple devices

Rogers was the first to launch a BlackBerry device in Canada. They were also the first to release iPhone and Android devices. Over the years Rogers has shown their commitment to RIM by continuing to bring on the latest BlackBerry smartphones – business and government clients demanded it for it security reasons. A press release today gives some indication of where the future might reside, and it’s shifting towards other platforms.

Rogers has teamed up with Montreal-based Trellia Networks to make it easier for their business and government customers to securely use their Android, Apple and Windows devices – such as the iPhone, iPad, and various Google Android smartphones and tablets. The service will cost $3.50 per device and will show up on your Rogers bill. Giovanni Forte, CEO of Trellia Networks stated that “We have worked closely with Rogers over the past year to help our common customers adopt consumer devices such as iPads and iPhones… Through this relationship, Rogers will bring additional value to their customers by offering Trellia’s best-in-class MDM solution through their channels, to enable iOS, Android and Windows systems in the enterprise… We can get on the phone with any company and activate an iPhone and provide security in five minutes”.

Certainly not the news that RIM wants to hear these days.

Source: Reuters
Via: Business Wire