iPhone 4S shipments start to arrive at Canadian retail locations

On Monday Apple announced that in a 24-hour period over 1 million people pre-ordred the new iPhone 4S. There wasn’t any Canadian stats, but surely we helped out a bit. As loyal Canadians ready for the big day tomorrow you can expect to see the usual Apple store lineups, plus carriers and various big box retailers are having an early 8:00am opening. Everything seems to be going as planned as shipments have started to arrive – the pic above was from a Rogers location, but we’ve also heard that TELUS, Virgin (pic below) and Bell are ready to unload them. In addition, you can see that Virgin will also release the iPhone 4 8GB.

As a reminder, if you’re thinking about getting on the iPhone 4S train, here’s the price breakdown:

Unlocked, no contract via Apple:

16GB: $649 no contract
32GB: $749 no contract
64GB: $849 no contract

Canadian Carriers:
16GB: $159 on a 3-year
32GB: $269 on a 3-year
64GB: $369 on a 3-year

Update: We’ve just been tipped that Future Shop will be upping the ante for those who are looking to trade in their old iPhone and going to the new iPhone 4S. You can use their Trade In program and get a Gift Card that you can put towards the new 4S. Here’s what we’ve been informed of:
– iPhone 3GS gives a $100 Future Shop gift card
– iPhone 4 16GB gives a $160 Future Shop gift card
– iPhone 4 32GB gives a $190 Future Shop gift card

(Thanks tipsters!)