Nokia shows off the Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Nokia Lumia 800, limited to 40 and soon to hit eBay

When Nokia officially unveiled the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710, Nokia Canada stated that us Canadians can expect “a number of Windows Phone devices, these or similarly spec’d devices, from multiple carriers available to Canadians in early 2012″. Today it was announced that T-Mobile USA is prepping to release the 710 on January 11th, starting at $49 on a 2-year contract… so our Canadian carriers will soon follow this date.

In addition, a very unique version of the Lumia 800 has surfaced. Limited to 40 units, the Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Nokia Lumia 800 was produced to highlight the upcoming film, which also continues Nokia’s commitment to have their products placed in high profile flicks. The device has all the same features as a regular WP7 device, coming in black, but has the Batman logo etched on the back. In addition, once you turn on the device you’ll see a Bane wallpaper, plus a Dark Knight Rises Live Tile. This will not be sold in stores as they were only produced as a promo by Nokia and Warner Bros, but you can expect them to hit eBay.

Update: Rogers announced that they will be releasing the Lumia 900 and will have a surprise for those who pre-order. I think, although unconfirmed, that they’ll included some sort of Batman Dark Knight content, probably pre-load it with wallpapaers and have a live tile.

Update: #2: We’re also hearing that those who pre-order will get two tickets to the new the new Batman Dark Knight movie coming out.

Source: PocketLint
Via: JonChoo