Top Canadian stories from the past week, plus other news from around the web

Sure seemed like every manufacturer had their time to shine this week – RIM, Apple, Samsung, Nokia. Then our Canadian carriers had their share of important news to share. Below are the top stories from the past week and a few important bits from around the web:

– Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and Tab 10.1 bundled for $250 at Future Shop [Read here]
– Mobilicity launching the Galaxy Nexus on February 6th [Read here]
– Rogers Nokia Lumia 710 pricing revealed [Read here]
– A few of TELUS’ upcoming LTE plans revealed [Read here]
– RIM co-CEO’s step down, Thorsten Heins steps in [Read here]
– How long will it take RIM to turnaround, Poll [Read here]
– Apple sells over 37 million iPhones in Q4 2011 [Read here]
– WIND arrives into 67 Walmart locations [Read here]
– RIM 2012 roadmap leaked online [Read here]
– Rogers intros new cancellation policy [Read here]
– Bell and Virgin rollout HD Voice [Read here]
– CRTC appoints new interm-Chairman [Read here]
– Rumour, Samsung Galaxy S III possibly delayed until Summer [Read here]
– TELUS launching new LTE-compatible SIM cards Feb. 1st [Read here]
– Nokia received a $250 million “platform support payment” from Microsoft [Read here]
– Rogers launches the “BlackBerry SmartBuilder” tool [Read here]

Stories from around the web:

– Asus To Unveil the Padfone On February 27 At MWC [PocketNow]
– Samsung loses second German 3G patent lawsuit against Apple [Foss]
– iPhone 5 production is ready to start [9to5Mac]
– RIM CEO: “There is a LOT of Change!” [CrackBerry]
– European Union approves Sony to acquire Ericsson [Reuters]
– Steve Jobs personally asked Eric Schmidt to stop poaching employees [TheVerge]