TELUS: “all 3 PlayBooks are End of Life”

Yesterday we posted that the 16GB and 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook was price dropped yet again, now hitting a low $149.99 outright. Reading over the doc again gave a bit more insight, specifically noting that “all 3 PlayBooks are End of Life”. This is the first time we’ve seen it so definitive and could mean that RIM is prepping to launch the 3G model soon.

Last week a leaked roadmap surfaced that showed RIM targeting to release a 3G BlackBerry PlayBook sometime in Q2 (42Mbps HSPA+). The overall design is expected to be the same as the Wi-Fi version, but includes a 1.5Ghz TI OMAP 4460 processor and NFC capabilities. The most interesting part of the new PlayBook launch will be witnessing RIM position its pricing. Shifting the public’s perception from a $150 tablet to say a $500 tablet is a tough task… perhaps that’s job #1 for RIM’s new CMO.

(Thanks tipster!)