Bell adding 5 hours of Mobile TV to the Fab 10 $60/month plan

Today is Sunday, February 5th – SuperBowl XLVI is happening and Bell is expecting this day to set a new record with highest number of mobile TV streams since the 2010 Olympic Gold Medal hockey game. Mobile TV in Canada is still in its early stage, but will become increasingly important and we’ll see the carriers start to push out more features and channels this year. However, to bring real adoption the prices will have to drop as they’re still quite high – $5 for 5 hours of mobile TV usage.

Effective tomorrow, Bell will be changing their Fab 10 $60/month rate plan around. It’ll still have the same 200 minutes, 1 GB data, Unlimited nationwide talk to 10 numbers, Unlimited text, picture and video messaging, Call Waiting and Conference Calling and Unlimited local evenings, but will now welcome the addition of 5 hours of Mobile TV viewing. Just remember that any Mobile TV overage is $1/hr.

Check for this tomorrow.
(Thanks tipster!)