Path for Android updated with 720p support, Tumblr sharing

Path 2.0 for Android debuted at the same time as the iOS version but lacked a few important features, notably Tumblr sharing.

It also didn’t look great on the Galaxy Nexus’ 720p screen, optimized instead for WVGA and qHD displays.

The app has received a sizable update to rectify a few of these issues. It now looks great on the Galaxy Nexus (and the Galaxy Note, hint hint) with the touch points increasing in size and the overall interface spaced out a bit better.

If you’re not familiar with Path, it’s a social network for your close friends. Instead of posting what you’re doing or where you are for hundreds of people who may not care, Path limits you to 150 people. The interface is gorgeous, austere and usable.

The only major omission from the iOS app? Camera filters. For some reason the Android app has yet to incorporate the much-loved Instagram-like Lomo and Pro filters from the iPhone version. Hopefully we’ll see it soon.

The full changelog for Path is below:

– Full settings screen
– Moon phases when sleeping
– Share to Tumblr
– Support for 320×480 screens
– Support for 720×1280 screens (i.e. XHDPI)
– Better friend invite screens
– Cosmetic enhancements
– Improved scrolling performance on feed screen
– Tapping menu soft key now directly displays full menu
– Various bug fixes

Via: Phandroid