Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S to receive OTA Android 4.0.5 update by March

Google is still slowly trickling out Ice Cream Sandwich updates for the Nexus S, and the Galaxy Nexus has a number of different versions floating around, but the latest news is that Android 4.0.5 should be available for both devices by March.

French carrier SBF has outlined, in a leaked photo, its plans to update the two Google devices by March. Most devices should currently be situated between Android 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 depending on what version of the handset you received. Why is it more complicated than it used to be? Because unlike the Nexus S, whose updates were fully administered by Google, some variants of the Galaxy Nexus are being updated by Samsung and not Google.

Over the weekend an update to Android 4.0.4 was made available for the Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus, which improved performance and fixed a number of bugs. We’d expect the 4.0.5 update for GSM devices to incorporate similar things.

Here in Canada, there are reports that some users are still stuck on Android 4.0.1, though most users should have been bumped to 4.0.2 already.

Do you have a Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S? What version are you currently running, provided you haven’t hacked it yourself?

Via: Pocketnow