Carbon Twitter app for Windows Phone finally released

It’s been a long and difficult road for the folks at Dots & Lines, not entirely sure why their Carbon Twitter app for Windows Phone was rejected four times before the good folks of the internet, and the Windows Phone team, kindly stepped up and fixed what was broken.

I had a chance to buy and try the $1.99 Twitter app and it’s definitely the best one in the Marketplace, at least for now. Between it and Rowi (whose version 2.0 is currently in Release Candidate status, and is coming soon) the Windows Phone Twitter app scene is improving prodigiously.

Carbon recalls its webOS heritage in its feature set but does so with a Metro styling that’s all WP7. With multiple account support, inline picture viewing, a plethora of configurable Live Tiles, including Mention and DM background checks (but no push notifications, alas) and a host of other great features, it’s pretty well-rounded. Push notifications, along with inline video and performance improvements, are coming in version 1.2 next week.

At the moment there is no trial version, but the company’s blog says that will be added in the coming days.

Check out Carbon for Windows Phone in the Marketplace here, and let us know if you like it!

Source: MobileJaw