Mobilicity says they’re the “fastest-growing new wireless entrant”, added 63,000 net additions in Q4

Mobilicity has just sent out a press release with some new subscriber numbers. Mobilicity is a private company and has no need to announce their subs, but proudly stated that they “claimed its place as the nation’s fastest-growing new wireless entrant” and revealed that they added a massive “approximately 63,000 net additions” in Q4 2011. In addition, their ARPU (average revenue per user) for the year was just over $30.

Stewart Lyons, Mobilicity President and CEO said, “In just our second year of operations, Mobilicity continues to shake up the industry as the fastest-growing new entrant, adding even more subscribers last quarter than one of the Big 3 incumbents. Our value-based service is clearly resonating with Canadian consumers. The Federal Government’s desire to foster a competitive environment has worked, and providing new entrants with access to more spectrum through the 700 MHz auction will be an important component of furthering the gains in competition realized to date.”

Back in November of last year Mobility said they have successfully “attracted over 250,000 customers” since their launching their service in May of 2010. Over the past few months there has been a few rumours of Mobilicity being acquired by other new player WIND Mobile, or the possibility of them going public with an IPO sometime in Q1.

These results could very well bring Mobilicity over the 300,000 subscriber mark. WIND Mobile CEO Tony Lacavera stated last week that they have 425,000 subscribers, meanwhile Public Mobile has 199,000 subscribers. Comparing to the bigger wireless players in Canada, Bell has 7,427,482 wireless subscribers and TELUS has 7,340,000 wireless subscribers. Rogers will declare their numbers next week.

Bottom line, it seems that the holiday promotions worked. Congrats Mobilicity!

Source: CNW