Update: BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 officially available February 21st at exactly 4:01am

This could truly confirm all the rumours and speculation. Another internal doc has popped up (doesn’t look like it’s officially from RIM) that states the official upgrade for BlackBerry PlayBook to OS 2.0 will be on February 21st. However, you want a more specific time? Well, how about exactly at 4:01am “for all new and existing PlayBooks”. In addition, the doc also states that the PlayBook pricing will stay at the promo prices until February 20th, then most likely. Make sure to check out our hands-on here.

Update: There seems to be an internal doc (I believe TELUS) posted in our forum that also indicates PlayBook OS 2.0 dropping on February 21st… check it out here.

The long wait is almost over.
Source: Engadget