iPhone 4 “Antennagate” class action lawsuit settled

“Antennagate” seems so far away now. After Apple released the “revolutionary” iPhone 4 users revolted and complained about poor reception. It was quickly discovered that the iPhone 4 antenna placement resulted in poor call quality. After a massive backlash – even Consumer Reports stated they wouldn’t recommend people buy it – Apple held a press conference on July 16th, 2010 to address the issue. The solution was to offer those who purchased the iPhone a full refund or give them a free “bumper” (case). This seemed to fix the issue, or at least put a band-aid on it. However, there was a select few that didn’t accept this and presented Apple with a class-action lawsuit. Now, a year and half later, Apple has recovered from the blemish and announced a settlement that will give those who opted out of the earlier options a cool $15 each, or a free bumper. Apparently the class action case only involved “small number of customers”, but it’s peanuts to a company who has $90 billion in the bank.

Ira Rothken, co-lead counsel representing the class, stated that “We believe that the Apple iPhone 4 settlement is fair, adequate, and reasonable. We believe that it allows members of the class to choose, and they can get $15 of cash or a bumper, so we believe that type of choice is proportional to the circumstances.”

In a couple week the site iPhone4Settlement.com will be set up where those impacted will be able to grab their $15 or free bumper.

Source: CNET
Via: Engadget