Fujitsu makes its water-resistant Tegra 3 smartphone official

During CES, I got a chance to play with a prototype of the upcoming Fujitsu Tegra 3-powered smartphone, and though it doesn’t yet have a name, it has a lot of potential. The device was behind glass, so I couldn’t hold it, but from what I saw Fujitsu is going for broke on this one.

While the handset itself looks a little like the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, it is quite a bit better equipped. Sporting a 4.6-inch screen of unknown resolution, a 1.5Ghz Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM, 13MP (!!) camera, a fingerprint scanner, all in a dust-resistant and water-resistant casing, it will certainly be a hit if it ever comes to this side of the Atlantic.

At the moment Fujitsu is not saying where it is going (but we can assume Japan), but the Android 4.0.3-powered smartphone could be the first of many North American-aimed devices to come from the company in the coming years. Like Huawei, ZTE and others, Fujitsu is moving west to the fertile and competitive ground of North America. We’ll let you know as we find out more.

Source: Fujitsu
Via: Droid-Life