Motorola files MOTOSMART and MOTOGO! trademarks

Motorola Mobility, now part of Google, has just registered a few trademarks. These products are still unknown but could fall nicely in line with MOTOACTV and MOTOSPEAK. These two new trademarks, MOTOSMART and MOTOGO!, were filed February 21st, 2012 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) and both cover “Mobile phones and accessories therefor, namely battery chargers and power adaptors”.

Not to sure what the MOTOGO! filing is about (Serial Number: 85548421), sounds like a good companion to MOTOACTV. As for MOTOSMART (Serial Number: 85548438), I did a search on Google and game up with some sort of Android handwriting recognition, or it could be part of Motorola’s Smart Actions software they announced last year.

Perhaps something will reveal itself during Mobile World Congress.

Source: USTPO
Via: Fusible