It’s possible to MAXXimize the battery life on your Motorola RAZR

An enterprising XDA-Developers member, wardo5757, has endeavoured to replace his existing Motorola RAZR’s battery with the huge 3300mAh cell from within the Verizon-only RAZR MAXX and, lo and behold, it works!

As he puts it on the forum, “So then I took the rear cover from the max and put it on the razr, it fit perfectly but there was a gap between the sim card door and cover.” As you can see from the photo, the larger battery juts out just a little bit from the existing RAZR battery door, and exposes the SIM card door to the world, but it’s a small price to pay for double the battery life. It’s also nice to know that when third-party battery manufacturers start churning out RAZR MAXX replacements, we Canadians will be able to benefit from the compatible form factor.

One more pic after the break.

Source: XDA-Developers
Via: Techcrunch