Google and ASUS rumoured to unveil a tablet “as early as May”, says Digitimes

Overseas reports has Google and ASUS partnering up to produce a 7-inch tablet. This rumour has been floating around for a few weeks now, but what’s new is that DigiTimes reports that it might launch “as early as May”. Apparently Google was in talks with many manufacturers for their first tablet experience, such as HTC and Acer, but in the end picked ASUS for their ODM (original design manufacturer) and “good product quality”. This 7-inch tablet will be the first to run the Google Play store and is expected to be priced between $199-249 (USD) to will take on Amazon’s Kindle Fire. No other specs or details were listed. Of course, neither Google or ASUS has commented on this possible “Nexus” Tablet, so for now it’s still a dream.

Source: Digitimes
Via: TheVerge