Samsung wants us to wait for the Galaxy Note 10.1, says new iPad isn’t all that

Samsung is pretty convinced that its upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 is a better content creation tool than Apple’s new iPad. In fact, after the event last Wednesday, Samsung released a table outlining the major advantages to buying its S Pen-powered Note 10.1, including the 255 levels of pressure sensitivity that the tablet’s screen supports. It’s also slightly thinner and lighter than the new iPad, for what it’s worth.

Indeed, Samsung’s latest version of TouchWIZ for Tablets, running Android 4.0.3, looks to support a technology that we’ve wanted to see on the platform for a long time: working with multiple apps on the same screen. Though an endnote clarifies that the applications must support the feature, this could lead the way to true tablet multitasking, especially since for content creators it will be much easier to have a browser window open on one side and a word processor on the other.

Other than the addition of the S Pen, the Galaxy Note 10.1 doesn’t quite compete with the new iPad for specs, especially when it comes to screen resolution. While the wider aspect ratio of the Note will aide in multi-app usage, the 1280×800 pixel resolution is quickly becoming the de facto “last generation” spec; to compete with the iPad, most new tablets will need to come to market with at least a 1080p screen.

Such charts will do little to compel millions of potential buyers away from the new iPad, but we understand and appreciate where Samsung is coming from: Android is a far more flexible and adaptable operating system in regards to “PC-like” abilities, and it seems like Samsung’s additions to the Note 10.1 will be great for education, healthcare and artists.

The Note 10.1 is expected to be released in Q2 2012. It has a 1.4Ghz dual-core processor, a 10.1-inch 1280×800 pixel TFT display, 1GB RAM and 16/32/64GB internal storage, a 3MP back camera and 2MP front camera, with optional 3G. Pricing is not yet known.

What do you think of Samsung’s argument? Is it worth waiting for the Note 10.1 when the iPad is coming really soon?

Source: CNET