Nokia’s Chief Designer talks tablets, says “We are working on it”

Earlier this week an overseas report from Digitimes pegged Nokia to release a dual-core Windows 8 tablet by Q4 of this year. No other details were revealed, but today a report from Reuters has Nokia’s chief designer, Marko Ahtisaari, confirming yes to working on a tablet. Ahtisaari stated “We are working on it… We continue to eye the tablet space with interest, but have made no specific announcements”. Apparently Ahtisaari spends up to one-third of his time creating this new Nokia tablet, which reportedly “would stand out among hundreds of iPad-challengers”.

Nokia hinting at a tablet is generally not news. In January Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO, said that “There’s a new tablet opportunity coming… We see the opportunity. Unquestionably, that will change the dynamics”. The close ties between Nokia and Microsoft would point towards Nokia releasing a Windows-based tablet, but again, rumours until we get closer to Q4 and Windows 8 release.

Source: Reuters
Via: PocketNow