Apple holding conference call to unveil plans for their $100 billion cash balance

Apple has a ton of cash in the bank, upwards of $100 billion. Think – $100 billion. During their last quarterly conference call Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO, stated that “We have always discussed internally our cash. We recognize our cash is growing for all the right reasons, and I would characterize our discussions today as ‘active’ with what makes the most sense with the cash balance. When we have something to announce we will announce. Again, we are actively discussing the best usage of our cash balance.”

Tomorrow, March 19th, at 6AM (PST) / 9AM (EST) Apple will declare their intentions on how they plan to spend their cash. In a press release today Apple said they will “announce the outcome of the Company’s discussions concerning its cash balance. Apple will not be providing an update on the current quarter nor will any topics be discussed other than cash.”

Perhaps Apple will announce plans to payout dividends for investors, purchase a few companies, or continue down the path of protecting their patents. Who knows… everything will unfold in a few hours.

Source: Apple