Google Maps 6.5 released with overhauled Navigation home screen, quick access to contact addresses

Google Maps received a nice little update today, overhauling its Navigation home screen with a more Ice Cream Sandwich-compliant design. In addition, Google is saying that users have navigated 50,000,000,000 km using turn-by-turn navigation, or “130,000 trips to the moon, 334 trips to the sun, 10 trips to Neptune or 0.005 light years” which is pretty ridiculous.

You can now swipe left or right from the main page to access your Contacts, or to see your Starred Locations, and there are big buttons to enter or speak your destination. You can also press Go Home right from the start page for instant guidance back to your abode.

The transit mode of Google Maps has also been refreshed allowing you to set a preferred transit mode (bus, subway, train or any) when you search. This will allow you to filter out search results that aren’t relevant to you.

For devices with high pixel-density screens like the Galaxy Nexus and Optimus LTE, map tiles have been sharpened resulting in a less cluttered and more comfortable viewing experience.

Overall a nice little update, especially in light of Nokia’s Drive 2.0 release last week. Pick up Google Maps in the Play Store.

Source: Google Blog