Rogers and Fido offering Mobilicity and Wind Mobile customers a $100 port in credit

One of the ways carriers have been attracting new customers is to offer up credit when they port over from the competition. Ever since the newer players, such as WIND Mobile, Mobilicity, Public and Videotron, this strategy has been consistently coming in and out-of-market. Currently both Mobilicity and WIND have a port-in credit happening right now – Mobilicity is $150 and WIND is $100.

Now, both Rogers and Fido, “as a competitive response to our competitors’ recent offers”, are looking to secure some last minute Q1 subscribers as they are offering a “$100 bill credit”. There are some stipulations to the promo, first you must be either a Mobilicity or Wind Mobile customer, a contract must be signed: 2 or 3-year term Fido and 3-year on Rogers. The promo ends on April 1st (no joke) and you should receive the credit on your bill in a couple months.

It’s interesting that Rogers and Fido are going after Mobilicity and WIND customers, not Bell or TELUS. Perhaps this is a results of the “heightened competitive intensity” we spoke about earlier.

(Thanks tipster!)