Rumour: Android 4.0.5 coming in April, bringing reboot fixes to Galaxy Nexus and ICS to Nexus S

Update: Turns out we weren’t wrong about the update, just the version. Google has announced the rollout of Android 4.0.4 to the Galaxy Nexus and both AWS/UMTS versions of the Nexus S, which will be sent out as an OTA update over the next few weeks.

The Galaxy Nexus was rumoured to get Android 4.0.5 in March — at least according to a French mobile carrier, SFR — but that looks to be stretched forward a bit to April. Mostly in the cards are fixes for the myriad glitches still plaguing many users, including random reboots, data drops and audio problems.

According to a tipster who has played with the Verizon version of Android 4.0.5, everything seems to be running much smoother, though there don’t seem to be any new features in the cards. This also includes a build for the Nexus S, which is expected to also roll out sometime in the “next few weeks.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Google was waiting until all the bugs were sorted out for both the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus S before rolling out updates to both models. As you’ll recall, the Nexus S hasn’t received an update in quite a long time after the first Ice Cream Sandwich rollout was suspended after only a few days.

While some Galaxy Nexus users have recently been updated to Android 4.0.2 (Google also stopped that one due to a bad NFC-related bug), it pains me to think how long Nexus S users have been waiting for their official update to Ice Cream Sandwich. As we told you previously, it’s possible the Sensation and the Galaxy S II will get theirs before Google’s own flagship, which would be a sorry state of affairs.

Nevertheless, April is shaping up to be quite a month for Android updates, releases and news in general. Can’t wait!

Source: Droid-Life