Rumour: Samsung Galaxy M i9300 to come with eye monitoring and heart monitor

This one is coming out of left field, but that leaked Galaxy i9300 we showed you a few weeks back? Turns out it may be dubbed Galaxy M. And what about this device would set it apart from the crowd? According to a tipster over at GSM Arena, this particular handset is going to bring us the future, now.

First, it is expected to track one’s eyes using the front-facing camera in order to easily detect when you are lying down; if in the supine position, it will lock the device in the appropriate orientation, according to its best ability. We’d imagine the accelerometer is going to be more robust, too.

Second, it is expected to come with a heart rate monitor and built-in biometrics, with the ability to tell your temperature and other important vital signs using add-on hardware. Considering the Galaxy M is supposed to launch somewhere nearer to the London Olympics, of which Samsung will be a primary sponsor, these athletic-based features don’t seem so unlikely.

A couple other features include automatic voice dialling and the ability to automatically identify people in group photos, two features that have been a long time coming.

Look for more information in the next couple months.

Source: GSM Arena