Google Drive to come with 5GB free cloud sync storage, compete with Dropbox

A leaked screenshot of Google’s purported cloud sync service, Drive, will come with a Windows client and 5GB of free space, if the leak is real.

You can expect a pretty extensive mobile experience, too, with a dedicated Android app available in the Play Store, for both smartphones and tablets. Like Dropbox, Sugarsync and other cross-platform cloud sync solutions, the service will keep files up to date across multiple devices. You can expect lots of integration with Google’s other services including an overhaul of Google Docs, and one-click sharing from Google+ and Gmail.

We’re not sure when the service is supposed to go live, but you can count on there not being an iOS app for at least a while. The more services Google can bring exclusively to Android the better for them. If you’ll recall, HTC has entered into a deal with Dropbox to bring 25GB of storage for two years with its One Series, including the upcoming Rogers HTC One X and Bell/TELUS One S. Microsoft also offers 25GB of free storage for all users with a Live account, and it is built into Windows Phone.

Will you use Google Drive when it’s released?

Source: Talk Android
Via: Pocketnow