Mobilicity revamping plans with new names, plus including North American Voice roaming

Mobilicity seems to be coming out with new names for their rate plans. The prices will be staying the same, but the features in some plans will be slightly adjusted to include voice roaming and the Phone Protection Plan. This will start next week and in the above doc you’ll see a flyer of the old rate plans on the left, new ones on the right. I believe it’s the first time a carrier has included roaming in a plan.

$25 Unlimited Starter: Local talk, North American Text & Picture messaging, Province wide long distance Caller ID, call waiting, Call Fowarding, 3-way calling

$35 Unlimited Plus: Same features as the $25/month, plus Voicemail, global text, Canadian long distance, light data (social networking + email, or BBM + email), 15 mins of North American roaming.

$45 Unlimited Value: Mobilicity calls this the “Best Value” and has the same features as the $35/month plus unlimited data, 30 mins of North American roaming, U.S. long distance

$55 Unlimited Everything: Same features as the $45/month plan, plus includes 60 mins of North American roaming and the Phone Protection Plan (usually priced between $5 – $7 depending on what kind of device you own).


(Thanks tipster!)