Poll: Will LTE factor into your next hardware purchase?

Many of the upcoming flagship devices from Rogers, TELUS and Bell will have LTE this year. The HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 900, two of Rogers’ most anticipated devices, will sport the high-speed technology that was just activated in two more cities today.

Similarly the Galaxy Note, which is launching in white in the coming days on TELUS, is one of the most high-profile LTE devices released in Canada, though you can’t forget the HTC Raider, LG Optimus LTE and Samsung Galaxy S II LTE, all of which came out last year.

As carriers add more cities with LTE, more carriers launch LTE and phone manufacturers figure out how to add it without adversely affecting battery life, the technology will play into more advertising and, certainly, data prices. So the question is, will LTE factor heavily into your smartphone purchase, or are you happy with the current HSPA+ speeds offered by the carriers?

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