Rogers goes live with LTE in Calgary and Halifax, Edmonton “in the coming months”

Rogers is continuing to expand their LTE network across the country and have turned on service in both Calgary and Halifax – now reaching a total of 12 million Canadians. The “theoretical download speeds” cap out 100 Mbps, but as stated in other LTE updates and reviews you can expect average speeds between 12 Mbps to 25 Mbps.

Other locations that Rogers has LTE active are in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and St. John’s, but Rogers noted that they plan to launch in “Edmonton in the coming months.” The bigger goal for Rogers “by the end of 2012” is to bring LTE speeds to 20 million Canadians. John Boynton, Rogers EVP & CMO stated “Now, Calgarians and Haligonians can enjoy the benefits of speeds on their mobile devices comparable to what they would get at home. And, they can do it on an LTE network that is Canada’s fastest and largest for a robust and reliable experience.”

Source: CNW