Cisco releases three Linksys Smart Routers and Connect Express app for iOS and Android

Cisco is tuning into the fact that an ever-increasing number of users are taking care of important daily tasks from their smartphones. No task is more important than that call from mom complaining that the home internet is down; you call the service provider to make sure everything is working on their end and come to the conclusion that you have to trek all the way home to fix the problem. Sound familiar?

In addition to three dual-band Wireless-N Smart Routers (EA4500 – $199, EA3500 – $139, EA2700 – $99) the company is introducing Cisco Connect Express, an app for iOS or Android that allows you to log in to your router from the home network on a mobile device and change settings, perform a reboot or do a firmware upgrade. The app is compatible with all E-Series and X-Series routers, including the fantastic E4200 V2. Once connected, users will be able to manually add other devices to the network, set universal parental controls and allow guest access.

The next version of the app, dubbed Cisco Connect Cloud, will allow remote administration from anywhere, including over 3G networks without having to manually configure complicated NAT settings. Connect Cloud will roll out in June, and the company promises many more useful apps for mobile devies.

If you have a compatible router and wish to check out the Connect Express app, head over to Cisco’s website for more information. The Android app is available now while the iOS version is still awaiting Apple’s approval. We will update the post when it goes live.