Instagram for Android hits 5 million downloads in 6 days

Instagram may no longer be independent, but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most successful Android apps ever released. There have been quite a few success stories on the platform recently, with Temple Run hitting a similar milestone in a short amount of time.

The photo sharing service has surpassed five million downloads in six days, a feat that even its iOS app couldn’t boast. Granted, growth has been mindblowing in 2012, hitting 30 million users, but the wide berth of Android users has taken to the service in droves. It is currently the most popular non-Google app in the Play Store and the fastest growing free app ever to hit Android. These figures are pretty amazing for a “little photo app.”

In addition, the company has been quickly addressing its numerous launch issues, releasing three updates in as many days. It has an astounding rating of 4.6 with nearly 240,000 reviews, something that is practically unheard of on Google Play. Sort of makes sense that Facebook would have paid a billion dollars for the service now, eh?

If you haven’t already, get Instagram for Android now. If you want out, however, there are plenty of other options.

Via: Mashable