Samsung’s ChatON now available for BlackBerry smartphones and Android tablets

Samsung is trying to make itself into a messaging giant, in addition to a hardware giant, with its new ChatON service. Pre-installed on its Android and bada smartphones, it was recently released for iOS and Symbian devices, with BlackBerry the lone outlier (Windows Phone is also coming soon).

The company has finally released the BlackBerry client, for both touch- and non-touch devices. As with clients on other platforms, in addition to text messages you can send pictures and videos, doodles, and group messages. The app has also been updated to support Android tablets, a feature that has been in the works for some time.

While a release for Windows Phone will close the loop and allow it to be a true competitor in the space, the market for cross-platform messaging clients is already saturated, with market leaders such as WhatsApp and Kik sending billions of messages a month. At last tally, ChatON for Android had been downloaded fewer than a million times, and since its launch on iOS in January very little has been heard about its success. Nevertheness, the addition of BlackBerry devices (and Android tablets) gets Samsung closer to a truly universal messaging service, and that is only good for consumers.

Download ChatON for BlackBerry and Android.
Via: TheNextWeb